Fertility Preservation in Cancer Patients

Cancer and cancer treatment may affect a woman’s fertility, which is why many women diagnosed with cancer express an interest in fertility preservation options. Certain cancer treatments – including surgical removal of the reproductive organs or chemotherapy or radiation that affects your reproductive organs – can also cause sterility in men. The effects can be temporary or permanent and depend on a number of factors, including the type of cancer, the type of treatment and the patient’s age at the time of treatment.

cancer-fertility-preservationFor women of childbearing age, the first step in fertility preservation is assessing the risk of infertility following their planned cancer treatment. For patients who wish to try for a pregnancy at a later time, fertility preservation may be a means of doing so. Some fertility preservation options for women diagnosed with cancer include embryo banking, egg banking, ovarian tissue banking, ovarian suppression, radiation shielding, ovarian transposition, radial trachelectomy, donor eggs and donor embryos.

For many women who have been diagnosed with cancer, preserving their fertility is important, which is why our fertility specialists at GREFI offer a variety of fertility preservation options for women throughout Puerto Rico. Our professionals can answer any questions you may have about fertility preservation in cancer patients, or any other gynecological or fertility services we provide here at GREFI.

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