Male Fertility Problems

Male infertility is, by definition, the inability of a male to achieve a pregnancy in a fertile female. A variety of factors may play a role in male infertility, including problems with poor hormonal support or general well-being affecting sperm quality and quantity, or problems with the genital tract and ejaculation.

male-infertilityPoor hormonal support can be caused by a variety of factors, including obesity, poor nutrition, heat, strenuous bike riding, trauma, drugs and alcohol, smoking, chemotherapy, steroid use, medications, genetic abnormalities or problems related to hormone regulating organs.

Previous infections may also affect the quality of the male reproductive organs. If you have ever had Mumps and did not receive treatment, you should consult a professional for proper assessment.

Ejaculation-related problems may be caused by obstruction of the vas deferens ducts, obstruction of the ejaculatory duct, or serious diseases like Cystic Fibrosis or impotence.

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