Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology

Pediatric and adolescent gynecology is an emerging specialty, one that merges such fields as pediatrics, gynecology, pediatric surgery and more, and thus addresses a wide spectrum of gynecologic conditions from childhood to adolescence. In addition to providing specialized assessment of gynecologic health concerns, pediatric and adolescent gynecology services are also available to young women who suffer from chronic medical conditions – such as developmental delay, bleeding disorders, lupus, HIV/AIDS or neurological problems – which may complicate gynecologic assessment and care.

hispanic girl smilesMany of the same gynecologic health concerns present in some women can also affect adolescent girls, such as absent vagina, irregular vaginal bleeding, breast diseases, delayed puberty, menstrual irregularities, imperforate hymen and ovarian cysts. For this reason, it is necessary that the same range of services for the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of gynecologic issues is available to young women, including but not limited to, clinical examination, imaging, testing for sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs), biopsies, evaluation of abnormal pap smears, vaccination for Human papillomavirus (HPV), and contraception counseling and evaluation.

Gynecological problems arising in children and adolescents are typically complex – both medically and psychologically – and therefore require a highly skilled approach by properly trained medical professionals. Here at GREFI, our experienced staff understands the importance of approaching such gynecological health concerns with the special consideration and care our young patients require.

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