Embryo biopsy in the search for anomalys

In the year 2008, Dr. Rosa I. Cruz performed an embryo biopsy for a patient with Robertsonian Traslocation.

In Vitro Fertilization Makes History by Achieving Pregnancy With Vitrified Eggs

Dr. Cruz makes history by being the first one to achieve pregnancy with frozen eggs.

Medical Achievement: Patient With Endometriosis Was Able to Conceive Twins by Vitrified Eggs

Head of medical clinic GREFI, Dr. Cruz, achieved twin pregnancy by using vitrified eggs.

“I wanted a healthy baby” Couple undergo procedure to prevent having a baby with genetic anomaly

Thanks to Dr. Cruz’s supervision, the Betancourt Correa family were able to have a healthy baby girl.

Three Miracles on the Horizon – El Nuevo Día

Dr. Cruz’s  in vitro fertilization presents triplets Alondra, Ashanty and Aliannette.

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